• Spark Agency is promoting The Hacks Games.
  • The promoter reserves the right to disqualify any participation that does not comply with the requirements of the present Regulation.
  • The formalization of the application means accepting, without any restriction, the terms and conditions, here presented.
  • Every participant is responsible for recording their own screen throughout each challenge, by means of any software they choose. We recommend using Microsoft’s PowerPoint, since it has universal reach and easy access.
  • The winners will be contacted by Spark Agency via the telephone number provided in the application form.


  1. Scope

The Hacks Games or tHG is a challenge in Python where developers compete for victory in a difficult hack that requires coding, data and reasoning.

The tHG is a spin-off of Spark Agency’s prototype laboratory that seeks to strengthen the connections between Spark Agency and the STEM community. The goal is to build an emotionally tribal brand that gathers brilliant STEM people. The scarcity of available spots requires participants to “fight” for a place in a given edition of tHG.


  1. General Conditions

2.1. The Hacks Games is aimed at people with knowledge in Python language, from any age and geography.

2.2. The tHG governs itself on the terms and conditions presented in this Regulation and any candidate’s participation in the competition assumes that they agree to the terms and conditions here presented, as well as Spark Agency’s  privacy policy terms.

2.3. The promoter of tHG is Spark Agency, with its headquarters in Factory Braga, EN 101 Avenida Barros e Soares N.º 423, 4715 – 214 Braga.

2.4. The promoter reserves the right to check an application and disqualify a participant, at any given time, if the promoter has reason to believe they have presented an application that does not meet the rules in this Regulation.  

2.5. The participant’s image and data will be published to promote The Hacks Games event for its benefit, the promoter’s, and sponsors in the competition.      



3.1. Application

3.1.1. The candidates that meet all of the above mentioned requirements, should formalize their application by means of completing the online form until 23h59 (GMT +1) April 16th, 2021 the deadline presented in the website of tHG in

3.1.2. The formalization of the application means accepting, without any reserves, the terms and conditions here presented.

3.1.3. Failure to provide the necessary information for the evaluation of the application may be an exclusion factor from the competition.

3.1.4. The impossibility of contacting the candidate through the contacts provided in the form, can be an exclusion factor from the competition.

3.1.5. The registration must be made individually.

3.2. Challenge Day

3.2.1. The Challenge Day will start at 19h (GMT +1) on April 17th.

3.2.2. The confirmation of application, as well as the access to the virtual room, will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the participant in the application form. 

3.2.3. The participant should be present in the virtual room at the date and time indicated in the application confirmation e-mail.

3.2.4. The promoter reserves the right to disqualify participants that enter the virtual room 10 minutes after the start of the Challenge Day.

3.2.5. The promoter will not be responsible for technical issues of any nature nor network issues that occur in a participants equipment during the challenges. Participants must ensure the good quality of the equipment used and a good / stable internet connection.

3.2.6. The participants are responsible for recording their own screens during each challenge by means of any software they choose. We recommend using Microsoft’s Power Point, since it has universal reach and easy access.

3.2.7. The promoter reserves the right to request at any time the screen recording of any participant during the challenges. Failing to provide so results in the participant’s disqualification.



4.1. It is understood by challenges any editions of The Hacks Games.

4.2. Each edition will be guided by the rules set in this Regulation. However, it does not imply that the Promoter can not add specific and different rules for each of the editions, as long as available in the tHG website in, before the opening of applications for the said challenge. 

4.3. The challenges must be individual. 



5.1. The rewards are the given following:


1.º st place – 750 euros

2.º nd place – 300 euros

3.º rd place – 200 euros

4.º th place – 150 euros

5.º th place – 100 euros

6.º th place – 90 euros

7.º th place – 80 euros

8.º th place – 70 euros

9.º th place – 60 euros

10.º th place – 50 euros

5.2. In the case of monetary awards, these will be paid in a single installment, considering the winner will provide the necessary information and documentation.

5.3. The right to the reward ends automatically and definitely, if any of the below situations occurs:

  1. It was identified an irregularity in the winner(s) application(s).
  2. There are indicators that the code was fully or partially developed by a third party other than the winner.
  3. If the reward is not claimed within a maximum of 30 days, counting from Spark’s e-mail requesting the necessary documentation;
  4. If, by any means, the winners adopt before the promoters, sponsors or third parties behaviors identified by their severity and result in the damage of the image and honorability of The Hacks Games, their affiliates and their candidates, as well as loss in prestige to them or any of the other entities involved.
  5. The winner fails to provide the information and documentation requested for the payment.



6.1. The winners will be communicated in the virtual room at the end of each edition of The Hacks Games.

6.2. After analyzing programs, screens and reasons presented in Article 5.3 of this Regulation, the organization reserves the right to terminate the reward, should any irregularities be found.

6.3. The Promoter has the right to publish, in any communication channel, belonging to the Promoter or a third party, names and photographs of the winners.



7.1. The winners will be contacted by Spark Agency using the telephone number indicated in the application form , within a maximum period of 30 days.

7.2.  In the event of the winner being unable to receive their reward, another winner will be chosen.

7.3.Spark Agency is not responsible for any contact impossibility, due to incorrect data provided in the application form or the impossibility of e-mail contact, due to any existing problems in the user’s e-mail inbox or phone.



8.1 The intellectual property created during the competition is the responsibility of the elements of the team that created them.

8.2. Any legal consequence that may exist in regards to this intellectual property is the sole responsibility of their respective owners.

8.3. Spark Agency and sponsors do not have intellectual property rights of the programs developed during The Hacks Games.



9.1. It is the responsibility of the winners to provide to Spark Agency their necessary personal data for the prize’s award, through the registration form, phone call or email.

9.2. If the successful winners do not reply within 30 days, the reward will be granted to the next ranked player.

9.3. If the winners do not comply with this Regulation, they will lose the right to receive the reward, and the reward will be granted to the next ranked player.



Spark Agency reserves the right to disqualify participations that do not comply with the requirements of the present Regulation.

They are also considered as fraudulent and excluded from all participations that are under one or more of the below situations:

  • Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this Regulation;
  • Resource to false, imprecise, incomplete or unreadable information;
  • Suspicion of repeated participation by the same individual, even with different registration data;
  • Suspicion of manipulation, alteration, elimination or suppression of data, informatic programs associated to the challenged, with the purpose of influencing in a wrong or unfair manner any of the other participants;
  • Suspicion of use of informatic programs, or any artificial techniques (commonly known as “cheating”), allowing automatic participations, or of any other kind, with the aim to increase the probability of winning.

The participations considered fraudulent may be communicated to the competent authorities and may be subject to legal action.



Under the terms of the applicable Data Protection legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016), and Portuguese Data Protection Act (Law no.58/2019, 8 august), Spark Agency, as controller, hereby inform all the participants of the following:

  1. The personal data collected consists in name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail and address, if necessary. 
  2. All personal data processed is necessary for The Hacks Games participation management namely, for the purpose of identifying the participants in case they are found to be the winner of the challenges and for further necessary contact for the attribution of the reward, and will be kept for the retention period strictly necessary for the purposes for which they are processed, no longer than 5 (five) year after the term of the last The Hacks Games edition.
  1. Sign up to receive information related to Pitch Bootcamp or trainee programs, internships or other projects to capture talent promoted by Spark Agency.
  2. The data collected in each edition’s forms will be processed and informatically stored and, eventually, also in paper (to administrative purposes).
  3. All the information provided will be treated confidentially, according to Spark Agency’s appropriate technical and organizational measures. 
  4. At any time and free of charge, you may request further clarification and exercise your data protection rights (to access, to rectification, to erasure, to object, to restriction of processing, and to data portability) upon a written request addressed to Spark Agency’s headquarters previously mentioned or by e-mail to

Additionally, you may always lodge a complaint with the competent Supervisory Authority.

If you have any further questions that you want to see resolved privately or would like to make a suggestion, please feel free to send us an email to


LAST UPDATE: 15/04/2021